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Guangzhou home computer maintenance network maintenance services:
1 installation, commissioning and maintenance of the operating system.
2, computer assembly, hardware upgrades, accessories for sale.
3, can not boot, automatic restart, automatic shutdown, abnormal crashes and other fault detection and exclusion.
4, if there is a problem with the computer hardware, maintenance or replacement after the test.
5 virus, malicious code defense and killing, install antivirus software and firewall.
6 computer speed is slow, often crashes, automatic restart troubleshooting.
7, the dust removal, cleaning, maintenance, maintenance, escort for your love.
8, hard disk data recovery, U disk, card and other devices to store data backup and recovery.
9, the company / home computer package monthly maintenance, Internet cafes outsourcing maintenance.
10, wired Internet, wireless Internet installation settings, network troubleshooting.
11, apple computer repair, Apple Computer reinstall system, dual system installation.
Choose our reasons:
1 convenience: home maintenance, allowing you to stay at home can get professional services.
2 fast: quickly arrived at the scene, in the middle of the year, at any time to solve your urgent needs.
3 efficient: professional technology, allows you to quickly restore the system, to minimize the loss
4 economy: home maintenance fees reasonable, commitment is not arbitrary charges, you are the first choice.
Guangzhou mobile hard disk data recovery; hard disk data repair; memory card data repair
Guangzhou system reload; English system installation; English OFFICE software installation;
Guangzhou home computer; Guangzhou computer upgrade; Guangzhou computer recycling
Guangzhou monitoring installation, monitoring and maintenance, monitoring camera repair, monitoring wiring
Guangzhou wireless network set up, wireless router installation, router maintenance
Guangzhou network maintenance; network maintenance; network set up, server maintenance, server maintenance
Guangzhou Apple computer repair; Apple computer system reload; Apple laptop repair
Guangzhou data recovery; hard disk data recovery; U disk data recovery; computer data repair; SD card data repair